Our Culture

Essex welcomes and celebrates cultural diversity.

We’re smart about whom we hire, and we’re smart enough to treat them right so they stay. No matter what that day brings, we have each other. We can depend on our Essex family to support us, and most importantly, laugh with us. We like to have fun, and have been known to throw some off the wall parties including music festivals.

We believe everyone should have a healthy work-life balance, and offer a generous benefit package. 

We regularly work for local non-profit clients and have a robust charitable giving program. In fact Essex has won multiple awards for our efforts toward sustainability and community support including:

2016 Bold Steps Award

2017 Outstanding Business Patron of the Arts

2018 Community Applause Award

2021 Oregon Urban and Community Forestry Award

Unexpected issues are a constant in our business. We take on the challenge with the knowledge that we will solve whatever comes our way. We have built a foundation based on experience, open, candid communication, and rigorous processes that allow us to overcome any hurdles. It is the most difficult of situations that provide opportunity to show our true mettle. We solve problems, fairly and economically, building loyalty among our partners along the way.

Go Team Essex!

Image Our Culture

Essex Summer Music Festival

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Essex staff volunteer at the local food bank

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