Employee Spotlight: Don Clark

Posted: Thu, Jan 13 2022 12:00 am

Don has been with Essex-owned companies for well over 20 years. Whenever we’ve asked him to step up and take on new responsibilities, his response is always ‘yes.’ He was recently promoted to foreman and continues to step up to new challenges. 

We asked Don 

Why did you join Essex? I had been working at a company that created prefabricated custom yurts. When that business did not survive the Great Recession, a few of us were invited to join Essex. I knew this would bring new opportunities and new challenges at a company with a great reputation, so I jumped on board. 

Can you share a memory of your time at Essex? As we were leaving the yurt company for Essex a bird flew out of the sky and landed on Jason and then on Andy, two people who also moved on to Essex. It seemed like a good omen at the time, and that’s exactly what it proved to be. 

What has kept you here? Essex feels like family. They’ve had my back, and I’ve got theirs. I’ve got great coworkers, and I really appreciate the opportunity to advance in my career and in my life. I recently bought a house and a puppy. The future looks bright. 

Don we’re glad you’re a member of the Essex family! 

Some recent projects Don has worked on include: The Nel, The Keystone, Blachly Lane Electric Co-op, FOOD for Lane County Distribution Center and Country Crossroads.

Image Employee Spotlight: Don Clark

Don Clark, Foreman

Image 2 Employee Spotlight: Don Clark

Image 3 Employee Spotlight: Don Clark