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Terri Walker


My path to joining Essex began with my relationship to Chris Rolfe. Chris and I worked together at Western Pneumatics back in the late 1990s and again at JCI years later. When I was laid off by JCI Chris connected me with his wife Connie Rolfe, who is the CFO and one of the owners of Essex General Construction. Fortunately, my background in manufacturing and as the facilities and grounds manager for a group of cemeteries and funeral homes provided me with experience both running heavy equipment and repairing equipment. Iíve also worked on home remodeling projects over the years. Together these experiences gave me the skills I need to be an effective Expeditor here at Essex.

When Iím not working my favorite pastime is golf. I also enjoy gardening, hunting and visiting the mountains and beaches of our beautiful state. Iím a native Oregonian, born and raised in Medford. Iíve lived in Eugene since I was 21. Itís home.