New Affordable Housing in Eugene

Posted: Tue, Aug 02 2022 12:00 am

The Nel, a new downtown Eugene apartment building from Homes for Good, was named to invoke a personal feel. It purposefully sounds like the name of a person, but it’s not based on a real person. Its origins can be found within the name of the street it sits on, Charnelton.

“It’s kind of cute and it’s very human and it’s easy to remember,” Homes for Good spokesperson Ela Kubok said.

In the coming weeks, the red brick building’s 45 studios will fill with people who have dealt with chronic homelessness and are in need of support as they seek stability and health.

The Nel, on 11th Avenue and Charnelton Street, is a Permanent Supportive Housing program, which means tenets’ leases last as long as they need and residents have supportive services available such as case management, health services, peer support, substance abuse treatment, and help finding employment. Laurel Hill Center will be the provider of the support services that aim to help residents stay in housing and achieve their goals related to self-sufficiency. Laurel Hill staff can be found on the bottom floor of the building.

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