Looking for some good news?

Posted: Mon, Oct 14 2013 12:00 am

Essex welcomes Sydney Perez, Abe Samani and Jodi Sommers to the team!

Looking for some good news about the local economy? We've got some. Our clients, many of them local Eugene businesses, are expanding, and so are we. Along with the continued support of these great businesses and non-profits like Cafe Yumm!, Paradigm Properties, Sponsors, Inc. and others; we've also formed relationships with some great new clients, both local and from outside the area. They all agree that it is a good time to invest in Eugene and Lane County.

We celebrate their success and appreciate their continued faith in our community and in us. Their growth has allowed us to expand our Essex family. We've hired sixteen great individuals since June to meet our clients' needs and our own. We hope that our success, and our clients', continues to ripple through our local economy and enhance even more local businesses.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the input, ideas and support of our expanded Essex team. If you get a chance, we hope you will get to know them all, including: Jodi Sommers, Business Development/Marketing Manager; Kate Tiernan, Payroll Clerk; Sydney Perez, Office Assistant; Abe Samani, Project Manager; John Shannon, Project Manager; Pete Wadsworth, Superintendent; Scott Bennett, Carpenter; Bryan Cushman, Carpenter; John Christensen, Carpenter; Raymond Johnston, Carpenter; Steve Kremers, App. Carpenter; Michael Senters, Carpenter; Rosario Ricardo, Carpenter; Lucas Martin, App. Carpenter; Kirk Warren, Carpenter; Dylan Weber, Assistant Expediter.

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