Image 2 Joe Dunson

Joe Dunson

Project Manager

I grew up in Marcola, Oregon. My father owned August Construction, and I started working with him when I was 17. August Construction focused on industrial projects for companies like Weyerhauser and Kingsford. In 2003 I moved to New York to gain new skills, take project management classes at NYU and explore new opportunities. During my time in New York I built recording and mastering studios, post-production editing houses, television and radio studios, data centers, a Brooklyn night club, townhouses, brownstones, condos and roof decks.

Iím married to my wife Deniz and have two beautiful daughters, Breanna and Dylan. After spending 14 years on the east coast, Iím thrilled to be back home in Oregon where I can spend time with my family and we can enjoy the outdoors. When Iím not at Essex youíre likely to find me outside trail running, hiking, climbing mountains, fishing or kayaking.