Happy Anniversary Tim!

Posted: Mon, Jul 15 2019 12:00 am

Iíve worked at Essex for 18 years but have worked with Essexís President Jon Texter on and off since 1976. Back then I was studying aviation mechanics and realized it wasnít for me. While I was trying to decide what to do instead, I happened to go to a friendís house and Jonís partner came in and asked if anyone wanted to be a carpenterís helper. I raised my hand, and that led to my career in construction and my first job with Jon Texter. We were building tract housing in Eugene. I learned a lot from Jon Ė building stairs, cutting rafters, building a roof without trusses. We worked together at that time for about six years.

Eventually I moved to Alaska in the early eighties where opportunities were plenty and wages were high.

When the building boom in Alaska died out, I moved back to Eugene and got an offer once again to work for Jon Texter and his current partner Tim Laue at T Laue Commercial Framing. Our history of working together continued intermittently at different businesses. Eventually Jon Texter started Essex General Construction and Iím glad Iíve spent the last eighteen years of my career working with Jon and the team at Essex.

As I head toward retirement, I reflect on the projects Iíve completed. Buildings I am especially proud of include the expansion of the Eugene Airport and the renovation and addition to Blachly Lane Coop. I also built the first LEED Certified building for the City of Eugene which was an Air Cargo building at the Airport. At the time, LEED was so new and getting certified was much more challenging. I built the 911 Center for the City of Eugene too, and so many great affordable and market-rate multifamily housing projects, including two for Sponsors, Inc. and a four phase 300-unit complex called Brentwood in Springfield. Itís a great feeling to drive around and see all the buildings I helped bring to the community.

I look forward to retirement and am glad Iíve had such a rewarding career. Iíve worked with so many wonderful people.

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