Happy Anniversary Bette!

Posted: Thu, Aug 15 2019 12:00 am

Tell me about your history working for Essex General Construction.

My career at Essex began 19 years ago when I was hired as a receptionist/administrative assistant. I was the first-person people saw when they visited our office and the first person they spoke to when they called. There were no direct dial numbers back then.

Since that time, I’ve tackled just about every administrative task you can think of in a construction company including payroll, purchasing, accounting, proposals, website administration and social media. At one point my title was ‘Office Glue’ because I kept it all together. Currently, I handle contracts and subcontracts and serve as liaison between the estimating and accounting departments. My knowledge of the needs of these departments has allowed me to help streamline these important interactions.

How has your experience working at Essex impacted your life?

Honestly when I started, I was timid and lacked self-confidence. Working as part of the Essex team helped me grow into the person I am today. I’ve learned so much and taken on many new challenges throughout my career, including earning my CDT and LEED Green Associate accreditations. That confidence has translated into success in other aspects of my life as well. I was president of the Greater Eugene Chorus for two years and I have been part of the marketing team for Pride of Portland Chorus for the past two years. I believe my professional success provided the confidence I needed to take on those roles.

How has the company changed in the past 19 years?

Essex has grown a lot over the years. We’ve got two offices now, one in Eugene and one in Portland. There were twenty employees when I joined, and we’ve grown to over seventy people now. Despite our increased growth, the overarching feeling has remained the same. Essex cares about their employees, the community and the environment. They always have the best interests of the staff in mind. If someone is in need, our Essex family are the first ones who step up. That means a lot to me. 

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Bette Crittenden, CDT, LEED GA

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