Five new full-sized camps to support the un-housed

Posted: Tue, Apr 13 2021 12:00 am

Happy April, CSS supporters!

We’re continuing to barrel forward (quite fast, and with no brakes), wrapping up construction on our five new, full-sized camps, scattered throughout the city. It’s pretty amazing that this has all come together—a feat that drew on support from all corners. Our Hut Crew has only grown stronger throughout this, building more Huts at greater speed than ever in our history.

Landing Barr Washburn as our construction guru in the nick of time made us very, very happy, as he has been not only critical to our overall operations but a perfect fit for CSS in all ways. Essex General Construction really came through for us, knocking out wall segments faster than we could have possibly done on our own, and going out of their way to help with all kinds of extras along the way. They’ve been instrumental in the pursuit of a plan for replacing the shower trailer at the Reboot Station (a challenge that we continue to wrestle with—April showers would be so welcome, but that may be faster than even we can move).

Supporting donors have stuck by us as we work on the shower project. Mills Davis continues to roll with our rapid plot twists. Lane County contracted with us to cover staffing for five camps. The City of Eugene not only paid for the construction, but lined up stellar locations (okay, some are a little on the wet side). The city has really made remarkable, visionary strides throughout this difficult time; deciding to contribute park land was a courageous move that shows other cities what can be done—thanks, especially, to Regan, Peter, and Marina at the city for clearing obstacles and advocating for our cause!

That’s just a glimpse of our wonderful supporters. In this issue we’ll introduce a few more. Thanks for letting us bring you up to speed!


Tod Schneider, CSS Executive Director
Image Five new full-sized camps to support the un-housed

Image 2 Five new full-sized camps to support the un-housed

Image 3 Five new full-sized camps to support the un-housed