Employee Spotlight: Nishant Vadlamudi

Posted: Wed, Jul 27 2022 8:22 am

Our people are our best asset. Nishant Vadlamudi is a great example of that. Nishant joined Essex in 2016 as a Project Engineer. He’s learned a lot and taken on many new challenges over the years. He is currently an Estimator/Project Manager.

“Nishant manages the unique dual role of Estimator / Project Manager very well, taking his projects from start to finish. His attention to detail, team leadership and flexibility have enabled him to be successful working on projects in challenging environments. He is a solid part of the Essex team and one more reason for our continued success.” – according to Chuck Conditt, Estimating Manager.

So we asked Nishant:

Why did you join Essex?

I was looking for a company that would provide an environment where I could continue to learn and grow. 

Can you share a memory of your time with Essex?

The most exciting times for me are when one of our projects comes to a close and we see smiles all around. It’s rewarding to deliver projects to our clients on time and on or under budget. 

What has kept you here?

I work with great people, who are always ready to assist and share their wealth of knowledge. The job itself is very interesting and the quality of the projects we deliver with our team keeps me going.

Image Employee Spotlight: Nishant Vadlamudi

Image 2 Employee Spotlight: Nishant Vadlamudi

Image 3 Employee Spotlight: Nishant Vadlamudi