Employee Spotlight: Chris Thomas

Posted: Thu, Feb 16 2023 12:00 am

Our people are our best asset. Chris Thomas is a great example of that. Chris was hired in 2020 as an IT Support Specialist. He was promoted in 2022 to Senior Network Administrator. At the end of January 2023 he passed two incredibly challenging exams to enhance the skillset he brings to Essex. 

According to Arie Rolfe, our Accounting and IT Manager “Chris is the ultimate team player. He always put in 110% to get the job done. Whether it be learning something completely new or hitting that midnight grind you can count on him. He brings a knowledge and experience from the IT and cyber security world that continue to push us forward and will make us better. He is a valuable member of the Essex family, and we are lucky to have him. Not to mention he brings cute corgi puppies into the office.” 

So we asked Chris a few questions. 

Why did you join Essex? 

I was ready to leave California and decided that Oregon or Montana would be good destinations. My best friend from high school lives in Eugene, so that was high on my list. When I saw the job description for Essex, it lined up perfectly with my skill set. Meeting Arie and Connie at my first interview confirmed that this job and this company would be a good fit. 

Can you share a memory of your time with Essex? 

In addition to the IT and cyber security work I do for Essex, I started going out into the field to capture drone footage of our projects. I enjoy the drone work and meeting our teams in the field. It’s a great break in my day. 

What has kept you here? 

The people and the culture 100%. Essex provides a healthy work life balance, and they know that family comes first. Everyone at Essex is genuinely there for you. I know I am appreciated and what I do is valued. On top of that the work I do each day is exactly what I enjoy doing. As a bonus my dog Rogue has also joined the Essex family and also looks forward to going to the office each day.

Image Employee Spotlight: Chris Thomas

Image 2 Employee Spotlight: Chris Thomas

Image 3 Employee Spotlight: Chris Thomas