Employee Spotlight: Bette Crittenden

Posted: Mon, Mar 14 2022 12:00 am

Bette Crittenden has been a valued member of the Essex team since 2000. With her 20 plus years of experience, we wanted to check in and learn more about her history. She has worn many hats, and continues to learn and grow and take on new challenges. So we asked her...

Why did you join Essex?

Prior to moving to Oregon in 1999, I worked for a small commercial general contractor for almost four years in Kentucky. They focused on doing great work, having fun and being a family! 

When I moved west, I looked for the same type of company. I worked for several temp agencies, but nothing really felt like home, and I wanted to get back into the construction industry. 

After almost a year, I decided to look in the yellow pages and call GC’s. I liked the look of Essex's logo, checked out their website and decided to call to see if they had any openings. Two interviews later, I was hired as a receptionist and since then, I’ve held many different positions here at Essex and even worked for Essex's sister company - Mindful Living, for about 5 years in the mid 2000’s. I’m so glad I made that call all those years ago!

Can you share a memory of your time with Essex?

There are so many I could share over the last 21+ years - including Essex's themed picnics (with costumes), music festivals, and Christmas parties. But probably one that stands out most was the time I had to deliver a bid to Boise, ID. We were bidding on a federal project and the architect for the job was in Boise. I offered to drive to Boise the day before the bid was due so we would be there on time and wouldn’t need to worry about flights, etc. The drive to Boise was uneventful – beautiful sunny day and hardly anyone on the road. I stayed in a hotel close to the architect’s office. The next day, I showed up to submit the bid and during the bid opening, another GC showed up late and his bid was not read. He had flown in the same day and his flight was delayed. A second GC drove over the same day of the bid and he was late submitting his bid as well. We weren’t the low bidder for that job, but we were on time!!!

What has kept you here?

Essex continues to challenge me to be the best I can be – both professionally and personally and I love the people I work with. Essex is more than a construction company, we’re a family!  

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