Aaron Lacey Celebrates Two Years at Essex

Posted: Thu, Mar 21 2019 12:00 am

How did you get interested in construction?

When I was in high school, my friendís father told me about his job as a foreman for a construction company, and the benefits of being a union carpenter. It sounded like a great way to support a family, getting good benefits and doing work Iíd enjoy. I decided to join an apprentice program. Even as an apprentice I was interested in management and running projects and have followed that path.

What do you like best about working for Essex?

Iíve been at Essex for two years now. I appreciate the family atmosphere here. Everyone at Essex supports each other and helps each other out. Itís not a competitive environment, like other places Iíve worked. I enjoy the camaraderie that exists between the owners, field staff, and really everyone at the company. That same camaraderie extends to Essexí subcontractor base. Weíve got great team relationships with our subcontractors. You donít find that often. Weíve developed a great core team of subcontractors that work on many of our projects. Thatís what makes our projectís successful Ė the team in its totality. Essex provides me with the opportunity to do quality work and have a great work life balance.

Image Aaron Lacey Celebrates Two Years at Essex

Image 2 Aaron Lacey Celebrates Two Years at Essex

Image 3 Aaron Lacey Celebrates Two Years at Essex