Employee Spotlight: Bill Jaques

Posted: Tue, Jul 11 2023 12:00 am

Our people are our most important asset. Bill Jaques is a great example of that. Bill joined Essex in January 2022 as a Senior Project Manager. 

According to Bo Oswald, Essexís President ďBill thinks like us. Heís a builder who is focused on a quality outcome while looking out for our customers and for Essex. I could not be happier with the addition of Bill to our team.Ē 

So, we asked Bill a few questions. 

Why did you join Essex? 

Relationships. I know Dan Skotte and Billy Phillips, and I know their temperaments. For me, the people you work with are as important as the work you do. Their recommendation on the people, the culture, and the focus on being builders was very important and helped me make my decision to come join the Essex Team. Every contact they introduced me to as I interviewed and came on board reinforced that Essex was a great place to be. 

What do you like to do when youíre not working? 

I love to be with my family. My daughters play soccer year-round, so my wife and I do a lot of driving and a lot of cheering from the stands. Iím also an avid beekeeper. Iíve even got bees at our General Superintendentís blueberry farm. My other passion is building, I always have a remodeling or building project that I am working on. 

Can you share a memory of your time with Essex? 

When I interviewed with Essex, we toured the Eugene Riverfront District as it was the likely spot for me to land when I joined the Essex Team. I remember walking across the bare ground trying to envision what the site could be when built out. Since Iíve been hired, weíve helped transform this area from an old, roughly graded industrial site to an active construction project with buildings rising and being built out. This is all due to the efforts of the people I work with and the hard work we are putting in. I love seeing that transformation. Along with the physical changes to the district Iím also building relationships with the people Iím working with. Iím developing friendships and becoming part of the community which is very rewarding. 

What has kept you here? 

I enjoy the people and the work. When I interviewed with the company president, I remember telling him I was looking for my people. I think I have found them!

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