Employee Spotlight: Wayne Wheeler

Posted: Tue, Apr 18 2023 12:00 am

Our people are our greatest asset. Wayne Wheeler is a perfect example. Wayne joined Essex in 2003 as a Carpenter. He rose through the ranks contributing to countless projects and is now a Project Superintendent.

According to his Manager David Ramirez, ďWayne is a great example of a person that is constantly seeking improvement. He continues to integrate newer technology into his toolbox every day. That, coupled with a mixture of hard work ethic and superb builder knowledge make him a valuable part of the Essex team.Ē

We asked Wayne a few questions:

Why did you join Essex?

When my wife and I decided to start a family, I knew I needed a career where I didnít have to work seven days a week to support a growing family. I looked for a commercial general contractor that was on the rise and found Essex. I knew I could start at the bottom and work my way up through the ranks. When I joined, all I knew was framing. I wanted to learn other aspects of construction.

What do you like to do when youíre not working?

Oregon is a beautiful state. I enjoy being outdoors hunting, fishing, mountain biking, and riding ATVs.

Can you share a memory from your time with Essex?

Years ago, there was an apprentice working with me on a Service Center for the City of Oakridge. When we drove up it was a sunny, clear day. Two hours later we went outside to take a break and were surprised to see it had snowed six inches!

What has kept you here?

Iíve built a lot of friendships here over the years. At other construction companies people come and go. I joined Essex to stay and grow with them. I started as a Carpenter, and was their first Assistant Superintendent, which gave me the opportunity to learn the technical office skills I needed to succeed as a Superintendent. I couldnít ask for a better supervisor than David Ramirez. David, and Mark Bruer before him have always been understanding and supportive. There are no yellers and screamers here. 

Image Employee Spotlight: Wayne Wheeler

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