Employee Spotlight: Nate Vosika

Posted: Fri, Jan 13 2023 11:46 am

Our people are our best asset. Nate Vosika is a great example of that. Nate joined Essex as a carpenter in 2019. Since that time, he has risen through the ranks as a Project Engineer and is now a Project Superintendent at the Eugene Riverfront Parcel 7.

According to Dave Ramirez, our General Superintendent “Nate is a high performer. He’s smart, intelligent and wise beyond his years. Nate uses those skills to manage difficult situations while making accurate decisions.”

So, we asked Nate a few questions.

Why did you join Essex?

My previous employer kept me on the road doing unskilled labor. I wanted to work locally and further my knowledge and skills.

Can you share a memory of your time with us that stands out to you?

While each day provides opportunities to learn, working with Joe Dunson on the new Lane County Developmental Disability Services building was an especially valuable learning experience. It was a great project and everyone was happy with the results. 

What has kept you here?

The management and ownership have been awesome. They continue to give me opportunities to succeed. I learn something new every day. It’s truly a testament to the team and training we have here at Essex. 

Image Employee Spotlight: Nate Vosika

Image 2 Employee Spotlight: Nate Vosika

Image 3 Employee Spotlight: Nate Vosika