Willamalane Center for Sports & Recreation

  • Pre-Engineered Steel
  • City's Largest Public Building
  • Energy Efficient 
  • Recreation Center
  • 97,000 square feet

The Willamalane Center for Sports & Recreation is the City’s largest public building. It was built in phases.

Economy was important. It is a pre-engineered steel building utilizing metal foamed insulated panels for the wall and roof, for a highly energy efficient envelope. The building envelope is in fact so efficient that the majority of the building is heated by the lights. The enclosed multi-sports complex houses basketball courts, volleyball courts, inline hockey arena, pole vaulting area, fitness center, administrative spaces and accessory spaces for these activities.

Phase I was completed in October 2004, and Phase II and III though started at different times, were both completed in January 2007. For Phase II the Willamalane Parks and Recreation District partnered with the original Owner, Roy Gray to add approximately 25,000 square feet of office space, conference room space and early childhood educational space that incorporated daylight into the circulation spaces. Phase III included a climbing wall, additional basketball courts, volleyball courts and a fitness/martial arts area.

Recently, Willamalane Parks & Recreation District assumed ownership of the entire complex.