Image 2 Brian Poissant

Brian Poissant

Project Manager

My dad worked for Target while I was growing up. His role involved showing up about three months before a new or remodeled Target was complete, bringing the project to a finish, and then managing the store for a year. We moved around a lot. I lived in several locations throughout Arizona, California, Colorado and Oregon. That experience taught me how to make new friends quickly. Eventually we settled in Salem, Oregon where I attended high school. My dadís career helped inspire both me and my brother to pursue careers in the AEC industry. My brother is a civil engineer based in Salem. When it was time for me to go to college, I studied Construction Engineering Management at Oregon State and then moved on to Portland State where I studied Civil Engineering.

When Iím not at work Iím outside. I enjoy fishing, rafting, hiking and basically any activity that gets me out of doors. Iím also a big baseball fan and coach my sonís team.