Image 2 Larry Emerson

It's great to enjoy the outdoors with my step daughter.

Larry Emerson

Project Superintendent

My career in construction started when I was 18 years old in the Bay Area. I eventually became a Union Carpenter. I had family living in Oregon and started coming up and visiting. I liked it and decided to move here. Since moving to Oregon and before I joined Essex, my work kept me on the road for thirty years. I was building restaurants and retail facilities up and down the West Coast. I enjoyed that lifestyle for quite a while. I stayed at hotels that were close to my job sites, so I had plenty of time to play golf. The downside of course was not getting to spend as much time with my family and friends.

Now Iím working in the state where I live. I still enjoy golfing and get out whenever possible. I also enjoy camping and exploring Oregon. Years ago, I built a GI Joe's store, and decided to buy equipment to try my hand at fly fishing. Unfortunately, the one thing I could not purchase was skill. After trying for a few years, I had only caught two fish. So when Iím not working you are much more likely to find me on a golf course or buying my fish at a restaurant.