Dan Skotte Essex's New Senior Project Manager

Posted: Mon, Mar 04 2019 12:00 am

What first got you interested in construction? 

My interest in construction started in high school when I spent a summer working for a family friend who owned a custom home construction company. I was intrigued by the process and the challenges. The job gave me a peek behind the curtain of how a structure is actually put together, and I became enamored. We finished several houses that summer. I was so proud of the final product. That hooked me. I helped transform a piece of dirt into a beautiful home. After that I learned about the Construction Management program at Oregon State University and decided that would be the path for me. 

Why did you decide to join Essex? 

I joined Essex in 2016. I knew Essex had a great reputation and many long-term clients. Thatís the business relationship I prefer. Also, Eugene is my home and I wanted to contribute to a local company committed to making our community a better place. Essex is a great corporate citizen, focused on the triple bottom line and to supporting local non-profits. They are family-oriented and that really appealed to me too. Itís important for me to feel good about where my efforts are going, and thatís what I found at Essex. 

How would you describe your new role as a Senior Project Manager? 

I provide oversight for our projects in Eugene from preconstruction through to postconstruction, working closely with our clients, our estimators and project managers. My goal is to continue to finetune our project management processes and provide a seamless relationship for our clients. 

What are you most excited about? 

The future is bright for the region and for Essex. We are poised to fill a real need for quality construction in our community. Essexís continued commitment to the triple bottom line and to supporting our community and our clients will keep us at the forefront of construction in Eugene. I expect many new and exciting projects on the horizon.

Image Dan Skotte Essex's New Senior Project Manager

Image 2 Dan Skotte Essex's New Senior Project Manager

Image 3 Dan Skotte Essex's New Senior Project Manager